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"Become a Noobcore sponsor and receive your own creator code! You will receive a % from all sales made through the Noobcore store if members checkout using your own personal code! There are currently 2 tiers of supporter roles which you can browse below!"

Sponsorship Tiers 

Tier 1: Sponsors receive 10% of all sales made

Tier 2: Sponsors receive 20% of all sales made (Requires $100+ of Tier 1 sales)

Tier 3: Sponsors receive ??% of all sales made (Possibility for the future)

What do we look for?

We require all sponsors to actively stream on the server, advertise the IP address and of course, share your custom sponsor link to earn an income! Sponsors must be above the legal age in their respective country to apply for a tebex wallet (sales amounts with automatically be transferred to the sponsors via tebex's sponsor system upon purchase, No fees will ever be the responsibility of the sponsor, even in the result of a chargeback.