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Custom Nickname
9.99 USD
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ReflexxIsCool 53.73 USD
Name: Custom Nickname
Price: 9.99 USD

Please read before purchase

A custom nickname across the entire Noobcore network! You will keep this nickname forever and can have it removed/reactivated as you wish. You cannot change it unless you buy another nickname

  • MUST be family-friendly
  • Cannot contain black letters
  • Must not contain phrases like 'mod,owner,admin' etc
  • Cannot be shorter than 4 characters.
  • Not overly spammy aka 'noooooob'
  • Mixtures of colors can be used but not over the top, If you're unsure if the nickname you want is going to be approved, open a ticket pre purchase
  • No including format codes (bold, underline, obfuscation etc.)

After purchase open a ticket in our discord with the command -new and state what color you want your nickname

If you are not in our discord you can join here 

Please be patient as nicknames have to be applied manually,  Most of our staff are in the GMT timezone, If purchased between 1pm-11pm nicknames will most likely be applied within the hour of opening a ticket. On the off chance, there is no staff currently available, it could take a little longer